Tuesday, October 25, 2016

jBPM 6.5.0.Final available

While we have been working on jBPM v7 for quite a while now, we still wanted to deliver a few more features that were requested by users.

You can find all information here:

Ready to give it a try but not sure how to start?  Take a look at the jbpm-installer chapter.

So on top of a bunch of bug fixes, you can expect the following new features:

Core Engine

Process instance migration

Process instance migration allows you to upgrade an already active process instance to a newer version of the process definition (than the one it was started with). Optionally it allows to perform node mapping of active node instances within process instance (to accommodate for use cases where currently active nodes might have changed).  The jBPM services have been extended with a new more powerful API and the same functionality is available remotely through the kie-server API.
JMS interaction patterns
When using the remote API of our kie-server, the JMS version now also supports different interaction patterns (on top of the request-response already supported):
  • fire and forget
  • asynchronous with callback
Task variables support in listeners

Added operations to easily get access to task variables from within task listeners.

Remote API improvements for deployments

Additional operations have been added to the remote API to simplify integration: operations to get deployment information of your projects based on their group, id and/or version (GAV).

Process Designer

Improved automation importing service tasks in Designer

You can import custom service tasks from a service repository into Designer so they can be used in your process, like for example Twitter, FTP, etc. The workbench now automates a lot of the additional configuration as well:
  •     Installs the service configuration (wid) into the users Workbench project
  •     Installs the service icon (defined in the service configuration)
  •     Installs the service maven dependencies into the project POM
  •     Installs the service default handler into the project Deployment Descriptor
Using start up parameters, you can also register a default service repositories and even install service tasks by default for new projects. More details are available in the documentation.


You can now also perform copy/paste operations across different processes.


Using workbench and kie-server together

Various small improvements allow you to use the workbench together with (one or more) kie-server execution servers to manage your process instances and tasks (sharing the same underlying datasource). As a result, processes and task created on one of the execution servers can now be managed in the workbench UI as well.

The jbpm-installer is now configured out-of-the-box to have a managed kie-server deployed next to it where you can deploy your processes to as well.

Support for enums in data modeler
The data modeler now supports selecting enums as the type when defining the parameters of a data object.


Various components have been added / upgraded:
  • Upgraded to WildFly 10
  • Added support for EAP 7
  • Upgraded to Spring 4
The jbpm-installer now uses WildFly 10.0.0.Final as the default. 
Enjoy !


  1. How to execute the http post request in jbpm

  2. I am using eclipse plugin for jBPM. i am struggling to execute the http post request in jBPM. my manager said dont use the custom code. let me know how it will be done jBPM without accessing any custom code in java.

  3. Madan, Use the REST Service - it is available out-of-box in Service Tasks section of the components pallet

  4. Hi William
    How to access any 3rd Party rest services in any of the task. Lets say we have 10 task. within the 10 task we need to call some rest services for processing. do we need to write the custom code to connect the rest url or is there any component. how to execute the rest services with in this 10 task.

  5. Hi William,

    Madan is my collegue. We saw in jBPM-6 eclipse tool, in components pallet there is only Service Task and no Rest Service Task. Can you please provide some detail.

  6. Try creating a new project, as each project can configure which service tasks are available. For new projects (or if you delete the work item definitions file) a new one will be created, which will out-of-the-box contain the REST task. You probably opened an example project where the REST service was not configured.

  7. We are creating on new project but the REST task is not available

  8. Hey Kris, I am looking out for jbpm support with vertx 3.3.x version.
    Can you guide me on that?

    1. Maciej created a prototype integration with vert.x 2.x, might be best to reach out to him:

    2. Thanks for the response. I'll try with him.

  9. Hi,

    I am trying to integrate the JBPM workflow/rules component in our application. We already have a number of workflows(30+) deployed in a different system. Now we are planning to migrate to a better version purely to have better control over the deployed workflows.

    That said, we still have a number of touch points with legacy systems. The workflows during the course of their execution might have to interact with a number of systems through database/api calls.

    We have been playing around with the jbpm6.5.0.final installer and we feel that it suits our needs.

    However, we do have a couple of questions in terms of integrating it with the existing application.

    - How to separate out just the workflow/rules component from the installer.? i.e. without the form modeler and the console.
    The github project has a number of modules and I am having a tough time identifying just what's needed. https://github.com/droolsjbpm/jbpm
    - We already have a number of Forms in our existing system which trigger the workflow. How to add those forms (read: JSPs/HTML) to the jbpm-console project?
    - Can you comment on custom authentication and authorization at login level and the task level ? Currently, we have an LDAP server from which we read our app user's roles and permissions.
    - Is it possible to use JSPs/HTMLs for human tasks. The jbpm examples which ships with the installer has .ftl files which fail to work when manually deployed in the jbpm-console. Which is the standard? Should we stick to .ftl files or .forms?

    Any pointers on these would be really useful.

  10. Hi, In my project, we have used jbpm-jpdl-3.2.jar which internally used hibernate.3.6.7.Final jar.

    Now, we have planned to upgrade the hibernate to latest version. But the jbpm-jpdl updated version is not available in maven. How to update the `jbpm-jpdl` jar ?

  11. Hey Kris, thanks for the post! Question about KIE-server workbench integration. How would I achieve this if I am using the Docker distribution? It seems like the workbench container does not come configured with KIE server. So am I able to integrate just by sharing the database once upgrading to 6.5? Thanks!

  12. Does anyone have a working code example for a signal event triggering the resumption of an interrupted process? I have 6.3 installed. Does not seem to work.