Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reminder: jBPM5 Webinar Feb 24th

Just a reminder that there will be a jBPM5 webinar tomorrow, Februari 24th.

You can choose one of these two live events:
  • 9am EST (GMT-5 New York) / 14:00 GMT / 3pm CET (GMT+1 Paris)
  • 2pm EST (GMT-5 New York) / 19:00 GMT / 8pm CET (GMT+1 Paris)
So register now !

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An executable process using the designer

Tihomir has been working on the designer lately to make sure that the web-based process designer can be used to create executable processes from scratch using the designer only.

He has created a nice screencast and blogged about it:
"Here is an example of creating and executing a simple BPMN2 process created with the Oryx designer (click on the screenshot below). It shows off the ability to create both business rules and BPMN2 processes in the same environment and expose them to the client application that consume them.

In order to recreate this example, you must use the latest version of the Oryx designer which you can download from here (rename it to designer.war and replace your existing one in $jbossHome/server/$config/deploy directory). If you prefer to use the jbpm-console for executing the process instead of from Eclipse like shown in the example, you can do that as well if you define the process as part of the defaultPackage (or update your jbpm-console configuration to load processes from another package)."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The jBPM team is looking to hire !

With the first jBPM5 release out there, the work isn't done! We have lots of existing customers that need support or are eager to move to the new version and need some assistance. On top of that, we obviously want to keep improving and extending our latest version with new and exciting features.

That's why we are looking for someone who is willing to take on the challenge and join the team ! No need anymore to find some spare time to do contributions to jBPM, now you can do it fulltime.

Are you looking for something new and exciting and do you have what it takes? Previous experience with jBPM, BPM in general or open-source is a plus ;) Are you interested in joining the jBPM team to solve issues and add new features? Let us know !

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Webinar on jBPM5: it's demo time !

With the release of jBPM 5.0 also come new presentations. And this time, I'll be doing a runthrough of the different tools, so you can get a feeling of what the different tools look like and see them in action.

The webinar will be on February, 24th and there will be two slots available, to make sure there is something that fits your time zone.

Don't miss this and register now !

If you're looking for a more technical overview of jBPM5, you can still take a look at the recorded version of the previous webinar.