Friday, April 24, 2020

Virtual Red Hat Summit 2020, April 28-29

Next week Red Hat Summit 2020 will be held, not in San Francisco as we were hoping, but as a virtual event.  While this unfortunately won't give us the possibility to meet in person, a lot of the keynotes and breakout sessions will be held online.

Virtual Red Hat Summit is completely FREE, so if you haven't done so yet, register today!

Below is an overview of various sessions around business automation.  So if you're looking for the latest news on Kogito, our next gen cloud-native business automation toolkit, or how to leverage Red Hat Process Automation Manager and Decision Manager for use cases that involve microservice orchestration or machine learning, or to hear from our customers.  But take a look at the full agenda as well.

There will also be an opportunity to come and chat with us in the community area.  After signing in, click Explore and open up the "Middleware & cloud applications" Community Central chat room to ask questions!  Or you can just join our KIE chat channels we announced recently anytime.

Below is the list of presentations around business automation that I am aware of !

The state-of-the-art of developer tools to build business-intelligent apps for RHPAM v7 and Kogito
Eder Ignatowicz (Red Hat), Alex Porcelli (Red Hat)

Empowering Amadeus’ competitive advantage with cloud-native decision making on Quarkus
Matteo Casalino (Amadeus), Giacomo Margaria (Amadeus), Mario Fusco (Red Hat)

Modern business workflows as microservices: How we won with Red Hat Process Automation Manager
Mauro Vocale (Red Hat), Giovanni Marigi (Red Hat)

Why building intelligent cloud-native business applications is easier with Kogito
Kris Verlaenen (Red Hat)

Cloud, sweet cloud: Feeling at home with serverless decision making using Kogito and Camel-K
Daniele Zonca (Red Hat), Edoardo Vacchi (Red Hat), Luca Burgazzoli (Red Hat)

Integrating scalable machine learning into business workflows
Rui Vieira (Red Hat)

Solve the unsolvable: Why artificial intelligent systems can solve planning problems better than humans
Satish Kale (Red Hat), Geoffrey De Smet (Red Hat)

Transforming decision automation to be cloud-based and FaaS-like at BBVA
Antonio Valle Gutierrez (BBVA), Beatriz Alzola (BBVA), Marcos Regidor (Red Hat)
This is available on demand so no specific timing.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Kogito 0.9.1 released

We are glad to announce the Kogito 0.9.1 release is now available!  This goes hand in hand with the Kogito Tooling 0.3.1 release.

From a feature point of view there are only minor changes compared to 0.9.0, but on top of bug fixing we have also spent quite some time on following areas:
This is a milestone for us as we wanted to bring an end-to-end story and focus on our documentation and getting started experience to help you with your first steps on Kogito.  Take a look and let us know if you have further questions or recommendations!

New to Kogito? 
Check out our website
Click on the "Get Started" button.

All artefacts are available now:
  • Kogito runtime artefacts are available on Maven Central
  • Kogito examples can be found here
  • Kogito images are available on quay
  • Kogito operator is available in the OperatorHub in OpenShift
  • Kogito tooling 0.3.1 artefacts are available here
As announced last week we've also introduced a chat channel where you can reach the core team or interface with the community, so hope to see you all there !

Detailed release notes for 0.9.1 in JIRA can be found here.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

New community channels on Zulip Chat

We're happy to announce the immediate availability of a new public channel for all projects under the KIE umbrella, i.e. the Kogito, Drools, jBPM and Optaplanner communities ! 
Zulip Chat channels:

Inside our KIE organization you will find various streams where you can follow any of the topic discussions, create your own topic to ask a question or even help out others.  Since most of the developers use this for their day to day discussions as well, you will find a lot of experts there, and a ton of information.

Please join our community of Kogito, Drools, jBPM, and OptaPlanner experts, hang out, learn and become part of the next generation of cloud-native business automation!