Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Integration and BPM week, Oct. 15-18

Join us for Red Hat Integration and BPM Week virtual event on October 15-18, 2012.

There you will learn about Red Hat's integration and BPM road map, find out how recent acquisitions will be integrated into the portfolio, and gain practical knowledge from the engineering leaders that are driving the most popular integration, messaging and rules, and BPM technologies and standards.

One registration grants access to all 17 information-packed webinar sessions!

Sessions include:
  • Fuse IDE makes integration easy – James Strachan (formerly FuseSource)
  • Getting Started with Apache Camel – Claus Ibsen (formerly FuseSource)
  • Enterprise integration at scale – Keith Babo
  • Business rules and event modeling made easy – Edson Tirelli
  • Simplify the complexity of your business processes – Kris Verlaenen
  • ActiveMQ in the cloud – Dejan Bosanac
  • Fuse Fabric and Fuse Management Console – Stan Lewis (formerly FuseSource)
The virtual event is FREE. Sessions will be delivered live, and will also be available on-demand afterwards. One registration gets you access to everything!

For more information on the agenda and sessions, please go to:


  1. We currently have the entitlement for BRMS 5.3.. This version ships with jBPM. I heard from the presentations that BRMS and BPM 6.0 will be two different entitlements going forward. Does it mean,jBPM will no longer be available in BRMS?

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